Monday, October 6, 2008


A Warm Hello to Everyone,

Well, the school holidays are almost over. We have had some outings!!! The Royal Melbourne Show was a great day, Miss L was not game enough to try the rides, at her age I could never get enough of them. We saw the animals, the side shows the craft work. (Its amazing what people can do with icing...) Stopped to watch the woodcutters, which for some reason really enthralled me,(maybe it was the muscled bodies in the tight singlets, weilding an axe), Miss L was quite interested too.. I think it was the junior section with the lad from New South Wales or was is Queensland... Last stop was the show bag pavilion, which was packed to the rafters, we moved along at a snails pace, getting hotter & hottter. Glad to get home, needed a good cup of tea.

We have been to the movies, on picnics, long country drives and hosted a morning tea or two. I know I may be out of the norm, but I love being with Miss L. on holidays even if we just have a girls day in, snuggled up and watching DVDs. We have watched Sense & Sensibility, Becoming Jane and various other period movies.

Have finished this latest applique and patchwork wall hanging, (too many small pieces ), took an age to complete and now I am not overly fond of it. The photo doesn't show the centre panel clearly will take another shot.

Shot of centre Applique

The rain has been coming down in torrents today, I wish we would get a week or so of it to fill the dams and break the drought. I pray everyday for rain, we are only in Spring, and parts are already turning brown. Thanks for reading.

With Smiles

Kathryn x

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Amy said...

Kathryn...thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. I'll add you to my faves and visit again. Have a wonderful day.