Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy Days

Hope you and yours are all well....
If you are, then like me, you are very fortunate. I think as you get a little older & wiser, you tend to appreciate the little day to day things. Waking up in good health, being able to go about your daily business with ease, enjoying simple things like a garden, a stroll with a friend, cooking for the family, a warm fire shared with family. I often have this thought in the evening ,when we are sitting in our cosy home, all in good health (God willing) with a cup of tea in one hand and a biscuit in the other. I realise that my needs are few, Family, Health, Food and a roof over our head. So many do not have even one of those. How fortunate I am, I have them all, Yes.. I am truly thankful every single day, I have been blessed.
I have been a good girl (well middle aged woman) today. I have swept and vacumned and scrubbed, washed the floors, hung out washing and started to organise tonights dinner, and I did it very quickly (but thoroughly), so I could do some of my craft work. It's not that I don't enjoy doing chores, it's just that I try to fit in some therapy(CRAFT WORK). Am I alone in this?? I know it's all productive, but most of my chores aren't very creative, so I tend to hurry.
Freshly ironed tea towels...(don't mind doing these)

So....., to therapy, I have been working on a cup/mug padded bag, to take my mug to my Wednesday morning group. It will have small pockets on the side, to put in extra coffee, tea etc..perhaps a spoon. A drawstring top will finish it off.

I love the fabric...

Thought I would let you know, I am a person who has to have lists. I have a shopping list like most people. A list of unfinished craft projects, list of things that need doing around the house, one for me, one for Mr. M., a list of christmas card receipients, also of christmas presents I have bought, and put away throughout the year. I could go on but I will bore you. OK, then... A list of dinners to be prepared for each day of the week, a list of things I wish to make(food, soap etc..). I think you get the drift.. Yes, I am organised, all because of lists. My Lists ensure I don't miss anything. Try Some!!!!!

Here is a recipe for muffins, it was put out here years ago by the heart foundation, I have tweaked it a little.


2 and a half cups wholemeal Self Raising Flour.
Quarter cup of unprocessed bran
Quarter cup castor sugar
1 tablespoon Baking Powder
1 cup Sultanas
1 and a half cups of Blueberries( I use frozen when not available)
1 Banana squashed
Three quarters of a cup Apple Sauce
2 Egg Whites
1 and a half cups of skim milk
Half teaspoon of Cinnamon
(Handful of chopped Walnuts optional)

Put all ingredients in one bowl. Divide into large Muffin (12) Tray.Bake for 15-18 minutes, in a preheated 180C. oven. Waa..Laa...

I want to thank Amy from Home Acres for the lovely award, and also want to mention that for some reason I cannot load my favourite bloggs onto my page. Will keep Trying.

Well goodbye for now

With Smiles

Kathryn x

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