Friday, October 10, 2008

Lemon Cordial

Good day to all, Hope all is well, today is one of those diamond days, the sun is shining, God is in his heaven and all is right with the world.

These are the kind of days I savor, I linger far too long on the front verandah..

View from my front gate, down the end is the fenced off bowling club greens....

Lazy morning today, morning tea on the front verandah with a little embroidery, to keep me out of mischief.. Told you it was a lazy morning, even Lex has joined in...

I have made some lemon cordial, and thought I would share the recipe..

I have tried many over the years and this one is THE BEST so far.. It will keep for ages in the bottles I have in photos, but if you dont have those just use empty clean plastic juice bottles.


2kg white sugar

5 cups boiling water

60 gms citric acid

5 large lemonsHere are the ingredients, the lemons are from a country market we went to on the weekend.

Here are the tools.

Put sugar, citric acid,and grated lemon rind into large bowl.

Squeeze lemons, dont worry if a few pips sneak in, and the more flesh the better. (No Pith)

Pour juice etc into bowl, add boiling water, and stir until all the sugar has disolved. Let cool, cover let sit for overnight.

Strain juice through the strainer into a larger container/jug.

Funnel into sterilised bottles. Makes just over 2 and half litres.


I usually make at a 1-7 ratio. It is great with lots of ice on a hot day....

With Smiles



Cara said...

Hi Kathryn! I wanted to drop by and say thanks for your lovely comments!
love your recipe for cordial- may have to try it!

lesley said...

Hi Kathryn.
That lemon cordial looks delicious! I have made a note of the recipe. We are just rolling into our autumn season at the moment so warm hot chocolate and cocoa drinks are in favour right now!Your veranda looks soooo cosy and inviting! Enjoy the sun. xx

Leisa said...

Hi Kathryn - Thank you for stopping by my blog - it's lovely to receive comments from new friends. I just loved my time in Melbourne and at Glen Harrow - just beautiful. Your season is about a month behind us here in Qld. so it was lovely to enjoy the blossom trees and beautiful spring gardens once again! Your street looks a lovely place to live - I so enjoyed all the trees in Melbourne and the mountains - our area is so new there are none taller than knee height!!
Thanks again for the visit!