Thursday, October 16, 2008

Christmas Presents we can all Afford..

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As we head closer to the end of the year, my thoughts inevitabley turn to Christmas, and of course Christmas presents. Many people are not drawn into the commercialism of Christmas, I am one. But, I cannot completely cut my near & dear ones when it comes to my pressies list. I have some of the most beautiful people in my life, some of the kindest souls, that I want to give a present to.....

Soooooo...... If the pennies are tight, I have a few ideas for handmade and inexpensive gifts . Lets cover children first.

Cooking Pack for Children.
This is a great idea, as it is an inexpensive present and it encourages children to cook.
Make an apron, with a pocket ,which you can either embroider the child's name, or applique a motif on. eg.. a spoon, a car, a chef's hat.
Buy some plastic cookie cutters(you sometimes get 10 in a pack so you could divide these to make 2 presents).

Small Rollingpin,
Small Wooden Spoon
Childrens cook book (Have seen some great ones a Big W for $4.50.
You could make a Chefs Hat.
Small Plastic Bowl

Tote Bag full of Goodies.
I had this idea some years ago when, we were going on a long holiday in the car. I wanted to occupy my 7yo along the way so I made this.( A bit worse for wear these days) . I put in it a colouring book and pencils, a paper doll book. A little doll with handmade clothes to change into.
A dot to dot book, a Golden story book, a little tin of lollies, a little maze toy and a note pad.
The bag fabric was on sale for $2.00(I had heaps left over, still got it) The plastic was approximately $2.50. The nik naks cost about $10-$14.00.
Ok.. the mermaid fabric and contents was good for a girl, but I have made one or two for a boy and just used car print or dinosaur print fabric, the contents stay quite similar with exception of the dolls things. You can put in a matchbox car or a pack of the collector cards boys like these days. (Just add less to make is less expensive.)

If you have a young teenage girl, you could make a large cosmetic bag and put in some lip gloss, bath bombs, scented deodorant spray, a pair of bedsocks, a lanier, a small brush , small mirror , some pale coloured nail polish, a girlie teenage magazine just to name a few. Another idea is a head scarf for wet hair made of towelling. My daughter Miss L. has used hers over and over.

Sorry hard to get a good photo of the back of your head.

Wine Bottle Bag
A friend gave me this pattern, but I think it is originally a Clover pattern, Clover are the Brand name of the people who make these ingenious, devices, to make craft life much easier. They have a suffolk Puff maker, I made this bag from small pieces of material, any scraps will do. You need to make 64 puffs to complete this project, please let me know if you are interested and I will post pattern.

The colours look washed out in this photo for some reason. The ones prior are spot on.

Embroidered Tea Towel or Pot Holder
I have made a set of these, and they really are effective, I love the old style feeling they exude, I have one hanging on my stove door handle all the time. They wash up a treat too.

There is another 3 in the set. I used transfers from Aunt Martha's made in the U.S. I think, which are reusable. I bought some good quality cotton(linen) material sewed up the edges and embroidered them. I have given one or two away as part of a housewarming present. One with a wooden spoon and a small bottle of Olive Oil (I infuse with garlic) or a small bottle of homemade cordial(See earlier post), or a nice mixing bowl, would make a delightful present.
I have also bought a good quality beige pot holder(glove type) , and embroidered the christian name of the receipent, (eg;Beth's Kitchen) and embroidered a little floral motif on it. I always keep my eye out at sales for potholders, and keep 1 or 2 for up coming or unexpected presents.
Aprons, I love aprons, but so many people these days don't wear them. If you know someone who does, a great idea is a matching embroidery motif on the apron, potholder and teatowel. I
will post an apron pattern if wanted.

Christmas Cake Scarf
I suppose it's a decoration, but scarf just seems to sum it up for me. I made one of these for myself, a few years ago. and the response was incredible, I have made so many to give away I have lost count. Now I am not saying, to just give the scarf as a present, but if you are one of those that make foody types of presents, this will really glam up a Christmas cake. Alternatively, there are a few people I know that are single, so I divide my usual cake mixture into three , use small tins to make make mini fruit cakes. I make three small cake scarves and waa.. laa. 3 lovely appreciated presents. In short, you only need a length of Xmas Material, eyelet lace and thin ribbon. It's so easy. If interested I will do an instruction post.

Ifyou would like to make your own soap, Rhonda Jean from Down to Earth has a great post.(Tried to link her post but am still new at this.)

By the way have I told you I am going on a day trip next Wednesday, with my Wednesday craft girls. We are going to Ballarat and Sebastapol, about an hour or so away. We visit an Aladdin's Cave there called Gails Patchwork Emporium, it is the most wonderous place, full of allsorts of material and braids and ribbons. oohhh.. She travels overseas and brings back the most delicious things. She puts out a catalogue once a year, which we all drool over. (I have kept the last 5 years, worth.) I forgot to mention the lady herself, she is so helpful, down to earth and welcoming. Gail even gave me some material out of her own stash once, NOW THATS SERVICE.. If you let her know a few are visiting, she will have a cake for you, to go with the coffee. Once we have composed ourselves, we will make our way to the hotel, for lunch.
Well have rattled on enough, take care, till next time.

With Smiles
Kathryn x


Amy said...

Thank you for the lovely comment you left me tonight. I am absolutely in love with yoyos. I love all your projects, especially the cake scarf. Speaking of scarves, if you are unable to find a copy of Interweave Crochet in your parts, let me know and I'll send you one :)

Lace hearts said...

Hi - thanks so much for your lovely comment. Your post about Christmas pressies to make is fabulous - I love the embroidered pot holders especially, but there's lots of good ideas here. x

Debbie said...

Hi Kathryn

Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog. I am so glad there was a link to your own blog as those Christmas ideas are great! I will definately be adding you to my favourites!
Many thanks

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Dear Kathryn
And thank you so much for stopping by!
I too will add you to my favorites and I can see that you are a very lovely lady with lots of wonderful projects and ideas to share with us all!
Love your last post about alternative Christmas presies... as well as your other ones, specially the fruit cake!
Yum Yum!
Keep up with the good work!
Hugs to you,

Debbie Moss

(From England)

Amy said...

You have an award waiting at my blog. Have a wonderful day.