Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day Out

Warm Welcome,
Today I was lucky enough to go with four of my Wednesday lady group friends , for a day out.
Our destination was Ballarat, an old gold mining town, about an hour and a bit (Didn't time it, we were too busy talking..) from home.
I have mentioned the emporium we usually visit in a previous post, and the lovely lady it belongs to.

These are some pics of the front, and inside, it is so easy to lose track of time in here.

This is what I bought, so much for my NO MORE FABRIC rule.

These charms squares are destined for a quilt and cushion.

We had lunch at a local club, wandered around and took the long way home.

What a delightful day. To add to the loviest day, Mr. M. & Miss. L. had dinner for me when I arrived home. Jock, had missed me, he greeted me with the enthusiam of a madly waging tail, and some little woofs to get my attention.

After dinner I looked through my little bag of goodies, and folded and refolded my fabrics. Yep, life does throw a diamond day at you, when you least expect it. Funny how the small things in life can make you the happiest. Family, friends, some fabric to make something useful out of. (Oh, yes and of course the unconditional love of a dog, who is always happy to see you.)

With Smiles

Kathryn x


Lace hearts said...

I can never resist adding to my fabric pile, so I think you've done well. I love the patch selection - they'll look lovely. What a good shop.

Amy said...

Wish I could have been on your looks divine. Have a wonderful day.

lesley said...

Oooo Kathryn what a wonderful day out. No wonder you lost track of time, that shop looks delightful. And a warm welcome on your returned home, how lovely. Can't wait to see what your going to create with all that beautiful fabric. xx PS. You can never have toooooo much!