Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wonderful Wednesdays

I have returned today from my usual Wednesday morning social outing, with my talented crafty friends. It started off as a patchwork group, but so much more happens there. I joined about 9 years ago and the group had started a few years prior. We have patchworkers,embroiderers,the most amazing knitters,photographers,doll makers, bear makers, leadlighters, dressmakers and tatters . So although when I started I was looking to only tackle patchwork, I have tried so many things over the years..and although I cannot master them all, I admit I enjoy trying. The usual number of about 10 has dwindled at times as people move interstate etc.. But more people come and at present the number is about 15. The majority like me have been there since I joined. We have seen each other through many a calamity, and have had many a laugh along the way. The ladies come from a range of backgrounds and ages, so the conversation and advice when required is just as diverse. We come together with a common interest, and find we have so much more in common than our craft. We meet in a medium size hall, which is surrounded by large glass windows on three walls, topped with leadlight windows. The hall is set in a beautiful garden, with a little japanese bridge in the distance, on one side we have lavender bushes growing and if we leave the door open, the breeze, gently wafts the scent around us. We have tea and cake or whatever is offered. We can only stay for 3 hours unfortunately.PURE ESCAPISM........
We often have a day outing to Ballarat, about 1hr drive. Once a year we have a weekend retreat, this years was in August in a place called Foster, country Victoria. It takes approx 3 hours to get there. IT TOOK US NINE..... Why, because we stopped at the craft shops, the fabric shops, the quilt shops, the nik nakky shops, the opportunity shops. Yes, we also stopped for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. We didn't only stop at the shops enroute, no, we turned off the main road to other little country towns, to look at their shops too... WHAT A FAB WEEKEND.... I have included a quilt top that I am working on, there are over 400 of the small 2 and a half inch coloured squares. I did not strip piece, they were cut individually.

These are some of the prarie points I am making for the edges instead of binding.

Mumma Bear Baby Bear(with dummy)

Till next time

With Smiles


MarmaladeRose said...

Your patchwork quilts are lovely. I especially like patchwork squares, simple and homely. Talking of home, we live in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, thats about 100 miles away from your relatives. So, no, we're not near really!

lesley said...

Hi Kathryn
Well I have had a lovely time browsing your blog. Your patchwork quilts are beautiful! And your craft group sounds so exciting. I wish I could have joined you visiting all those craft and fabric shops on your 9 hour journey!!! Bet you were worn out by the time you reached your destination!! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. xx