Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Home from Tasmania

We arrived back from Tasmania, it was a lovely break. The weather was lovely.We did some of the touristy things, visited Salamanca market on Saturday, with a plethora of wonderful items for sale. I bought this lovely little glass sugar & creamer, for $20.00. No, not cheap, but I wanted it. It's just what I have been looking for. Also purchased 2 jars of mustard, some sourdough bread, a two headed gingerbread man, pink lady apples, a stuffed tassie devil and a few other bits & pieces. Along Salamanca Place which runs directly alongside the market, are these beautiful old sandstone buildings, which housed some brilliant craft and artwork.

View from Hotel Room. View from Rosny.

We sat and ate lunch in St Davids Park, small pickins, but very tasty. So green... Tasmania we were informed, do not at present have water restrictions. We are on stage 3a, here in Victoria, and although we use grey water, we are still drying up.

Back to Tasmania.... We wandered around the city, and found the Cat and the Fiddle arcade, things we noticed were, some street signs were quite fancy, a much slower pace, friendly people, quiet city, green, scenic, the most extraordinary old buildings(I think this my favourite).

We had dinner at an Irish Pub, oh yes...and a Guiness, it was so nice we went back the following night.

We went to constitution dock and we on a cruise on a refurbished ferry, along the Derwent River complete with lunch. We also, went on a bus trip , which took us through some of the suburbs. I liked Battery Point and a place called Upper Sandy Bay, some beautiful views from a place called Rosny. Took a few Photos.. We had dinner on our last night at Constitution Dock, from one of the vendors that sell seafood from their floating shops. I think it was called "Flippers" , we tucked into some yummy fish, flake, callamari, scallops, chips and to be healthy a little coleslaw.Ha.Ha.. Whilst I was eating my small piece of fish a seagull came from behind, and took half the fish, from my hand, all I felt was a webbed foot on my forhead. When it landed I noticed it had a crooked leg, and I dont know if you have looked at a flock of seagulls, but there is always one with a bad leg. I always throw it a morsel, as I feel sorry for them. WELL..NOT ANY MORE........ Mr. M.. smirked and said "Just be glad it didn't poop on you as well".I could go on and on about the place but I would bore you. I would love to move there, perhaps to a smaller country town.(Oh well dreaming again!!)

Did I mention I bought some fabric, as you can see none of it matches. I will use the two bottom fabrics for quilt backing,( One of these was reduced in price to $3.00 a metre from $18.95, I think it must be a few years old.) and the other two, well....I just liked them. The red & white fabric just implored me to buy it.. Yes.. I'm a sucker for a pretty piece of fabric.

Miss. L. is a little camera shy, worried about her photo on the internet, but she was there.
I must remember to say a big thankyou to Lesley from Lesley's Creations in the U.S. for the lovely Award.

This a the new addition the family, her name is Daisy. More on her later.

Take Care
With Smiles
Kathryn x

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