Sunday, November 23, 2008

Daisy's Day Out...

Warm Welcome,

Hope all is well in your world, and that you and yours are safe & happy.

What a time we have had over the last few days. Our new puppy Daisy went missing.

Early morning I went to give her Puppy milk, but she was sound asleep in her basket in the laundry. I went back half and hour later and she was gone. We searched every where, knocked on all the neighbors doors & checked back yards. We had posters up within 2 hours, kept searching the streets. We resigned ourselves to the fact that she was gone. Somebody must have picked her up. The next morning we rang the Lost Dogs Home in the City, somebody had seen her and the home had come and picked her up. We couldn't believe our luck... She was found on the railway platform(maybe she was waiting for the next train.) blocks away from here. When we picked her up, they said she had been crying all night..We paid $45.00 to bail her out!!!! She was pretty grubby.. but an hour, a bath, and some nice puppy milk later, she was soundly sleeping in her basket. Naughty Girl..

We found where she escaped from, and have bricked it up....

Miss L. was a little sad when she left.(We have only had her a few weeks). She said" least we have the memories".. Mr. M. quickly shot back "Mhh, I rather have the money." Nasty,Nasty., man..
Here is the Bag I told you I was making. I love red... but don't wear alot of it. The bag will match a pair of red maryjane shoes, I have.

Also a little show and tell, I bought a small sugar & creamer at the Salamanca market, when we visited Tasmania a couple of weeks ago. Here they are... Just the right size for 2 or 3 people.

I have decided to let you all into my house, via blogland of course.. I will post pictures of my loft first, and slowly work through the rest of the house........ Here is a little glimpse...

Till, next time,

With Smiles

Kathryn x


Amy said...

Hi Kathryn...I'm so glad you found Daisy. She is a wee dear one. I love the bag you made...and I love maryjane's. Your loft sewing room looks divine. I will be relocating my sewing to the basement and believe it or not I'm looking forward to more space (even though I don't like sewing in the basement). Have a wonderful day.

Leanne said...

How traumatic a lost baby. glad she is back safe and sound. She does look ever so cute asleep in her basket.

lesley said...

Oo dear, what a stressful time you've had! I'm so pleased you got Daisy back safe and sound, even if a little grubby. She is soooooo cute. What a gorgeous bag. I have a red coat that it would match beautifully! Your loft looks such a peaceful place to work, thank you for letting us in and sharing. xx