Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Cooking

Warm Welcome,

I have been getting down to some serious cooking lately, I have been wanting to bake the Christmas cake & Plum pudding before it gets too close to Christmas. Give the cake time to become more flavoursome. I made sure I hade collected all the necessary ingredients, days before.

I soaked the fruit in the brandy for 24 hours. So when I woke up in the morning I would get the "must do" daily chores done , then start on my anticipated project. I was looking forward to it. I must say. I was kept very busy, as I made the cake quite large, and organised the plum pudding, as well as a few small puddings for presents.

I was so entranced by mixing a cup of this, 3 of that, that I didn't see who had come into my kitchen and messed it up. I thought I was home alone. How nasty....who could have done it??? Everybody that knows me, knows I like to keep a tidy bench and sink.

Does this ever happen to you???? The invisible messy stranger has struck again!!!!

Here are some of the results, The Christmas Cake looks the same every year, I may have to try to decorate it, a little more creatively next year. (It has my scarf I made & mentioned in an earlier post.) The Plum Pudding, takes 6 hours of simmering..... it smells delightful....
So I made these as well...
And this...
My rolls proving on the stovetop.

I love cooking... like my hand work.. it is my therapy.

With Smiles

Kathryn x


Leanne said...

What a productive morning......Shame you live so far away or i would have dropped in for a cuppa.

Amy said...

Oh Kathryn...your baking looks scrumptious. My great grandma used to make plum pudding with what my mom refers to as "hard sauce." I have never made one, but looking at yours makes me want to try it. I really like the cake scarf, such a cute idea. Have a wonderful weekend.