Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Wedding, a Scarf & Prawns

Warm welcome,
Hope is is well with you & yours.

We attended a wedding on the weekend, a friend who is divorced with 4 young children, married a widower with 3 young children. I was a friend of the grooms wife, who died 2 years ago of that insidious disease, breast cancer. I am also the friend of the bride. I am so happy for them both. Strange how things turn out. Wish I could tell you the whole story but I would be here all day.

I took lots of photos, but wont show them here, as I don't think they would approve....

But here is a picture of Mr. M. & I before we left. albeit not a good one.
Gosh.... it really is a bad one. "Where did those jowls come from?" Must be a fault with the camera!! Yes that must be it...

Miss L. had a new outfit, and looked so grown up, but as you know she doesn't want her face on the internet.

This is a scarf I am knitting, yes I know you are all saying, "Is she Daft?" Yes it is Summer in Australia, but I like to do something with my hands, in the evening.

It is an odd looking shape, but it works out quite nifty. I love the colour of the wool, as you can see it has all tiny pieces of different colours weaved through it.

Miss L. finished her 1 st year at Secondary School, I can't believe how quickly the year has flown by. It only seems like yesterday, we were fitting her out for her new uniform. She is growing up so quickly, and I am very proud of her. I don't mean scholastically, I mean for the kind, caring, respectful young lady she is.

We have been slowly, putting up the Christmas decorations up , I will admit that I love decorating the tree, we play Christmas Carols then sit back with a cup of tea and Christmas cake and look at the Tree lights in the dark, funny how traditions keep on keeping on. Will show some pics on a future post.

Tonight for dinner, we are having prawns with this yummy marinade, some salt & pepper octopus and salad. And we may eat outside..

Til' next time, take care

With Smiles



Amy said...

I think it's a nice picture, Kathryn. I like the yarn for the scarf...very versatile. Have a nice day.

Ragged Roses said...

What a lovely photo of you, no jowls anywhere!!! We have yet to put our tree up, hopefully this weekend ...
Enjoy the run up to Christmas

Lace hearts said...

Well, I'm not jealous of the thought of you tucking into that OUTSIDE! It's so cold over this side of the world, but we do get bursts of sunshine glinting on the frost.
My daughter is just about finishing her first term at secondary, and enjoying it lots. They grow quick, don't they!
Love the scarf!

MarmaladeRose said...

Hello Kathryn, Wow I love your loft, I'd fit quite nicely on that blue sofa under the window. I could just picture me sat there sewing and you over on the sewing machine, chatting and eating your yummy buns and cakes. Yes I can smell that Christmas cake from here in England. Mmmmm! delicious.
As for the photo, you look lovely and such a handsome young man next to you too!

lesley said...

Hi Kathryn. What a lovely photo', you both look great. I too love the colour of the wool for your scarf. Yes time does fly and children grow up soooooo quickly. 'MMMMMM', those prawns look delicious and in the sun too! You tease, we have snow and stew over here in England at the mo'. xx