Sunday, December 14, 2008

Getting Christmassy..

Warm Welcome,

Have been keeping busy this last week, been decorating as you can see.

This little fellow in the red & white stripe, looked so sweet in the shop I had to buy him. (We, don't need anymore tree ornaments, so he is sitting on my dressing table). Looking quite out of place. He makes me smile everytime I see him.

This angel made of cardboard and plastic, with nylon hair is 25 years old this year. We tried to replace her one year with a beautiful porcelain face angel. Mysteriously, she fell off the top of the tree, and smashed. Have a close look at the eyes , they look a bit devilish to me. Ha Ha..

Made this advent calendar a few years ago, the goodies were a little fat this year, so it doesn't sit too well against the wall. The photo makes it look more wonky than it is..Miss L. doesn't mind. She has managed to eat the chocolate treats, even though she is feeling poorly.
Miss L. has been home ill, so I have had time to potter a little more than usual. Made these mince pies, used hazlenut meal instead of the usual almond meal, the switch made a decided difference. (Just haven't decided for better or worse.)

Also made this apron out of two tea towels, it has 3 pockets at the front. ( I saw this on a blogg some months back, I can't remember the name, but if anyone knows please do tell.) Mr. M. modelled it for me in his P.J.s, he does have to put up with alot sometimes. Ha Ha..

My Wednesday group gets together for the last time this year, on Wednesday. We will meet up for the full day. Which reminds me I will have to organise myself to make some scones and finger sandwiches. Better be off. Hope all your Christmas plans are coming together nicely.

With Smiles

Kathryn x


Amy said...

Hi Kathryn...your decorations are the cutest...and I love that apron. The hubby is a good sport. Hope you have a great time with your group.

lesley said...

'OOOO' Kathryn your decorations look wonderful and I can taste those mince pies from over here in England. Have a fabulous Christmas. xx