Monday, September 22, 2008

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Blogger: Kathryn in the Loft - Manage Posts: "Day 1 At Home

I have decided to start my own blog, as i enjoy reading everyone elses. Hope you enjoy it too....
I will include pictures of my day to day life, craft cooking etc. Today, my 13 yo has 2 of her friends visiting, so I will not be getting too much of my craft work done, between playing taxi driving, dropping off and picking up. Making pizza for lunch, popcorn for the movie, and a lemon T cake for afternoon tea. I am not whinging, it's school holidays, and I enjoy every day I have with my girl, and she loves to entertain her friends.
My hubby is at work today. At home he is currently working at getting his vege garden ready for the next harvest, it is not a very large area, but we do quite well out of it. We live in a cul de sac, and have a bowling green at the end of our street. It is very quiet here, but we a close to all the facilities we need.[Photo]

This is Jock the dog,9yo, from the Lost dogs home. He is the most beautiful natured dog. We love him.(He has had a hair cut here, not the best look) The ginger lazy looking thing on the couch is Lex the cat, we adopted him about 8yrs ago. He has attitude beyond belief. Sneaky!!!!

I will try to post some of my crafty pieces I have done , if I can just work out how to do it.
Until next time.
With Smiles
Kathryn x."

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