Sunday, February 22, 2009

Long Summer

Hello Everyone,

Hope all is well with everyone in blogland. So much has been going on here, and unfortunately I haven't had time to post.
Thankyou to everyone who has asked after me, it's nice to know people care.

We had a lovely Christmas and spent New Year's Eve with some dear friends.

We had a few trips up the coast and Miss L. had a lovely time, she always has been a real water baby. My mother-in-law was unwell and is still not 100%, she has moved closer to us now, which makes things easier for us, when she needs us.
When school went back about 3 weeks ago, I was asked to help out at my last workplace, just for a few weeks. That has now finished, but I have been
offered a casual position with a local company, too good to pass up, so I have been busy with that a couple of days a week.

I don't know where the time goes..

It was Mr. M's birthday on the 19th he turned 49, so I made him a cake.

I love how the eggwhites beat up.

It was my birthday on the 21st, I turned 48. I don't feel that age. I remember when I thought people that were 30, were old. Funny how your ideas change as you get older. My girlfriend told me that 50 is the new 30. Ha, Ha.... My wise elderly aunt who was 90 at the time, once told me that she "still felt 25 inside". She was a marvel.
I have had a few messages from overseas, because of the recent and still burning bushfires, I live in a suburb of Melbourne, but on the other side of Melbourne and closer to the city. We were not in the area. It has been a terrible tragedy and I know people that were affected, but I don't wish to discuss this matter here.

I want to introduce you to and old hardworking friend of mine. Mixy..(sad isn't it that I call an electric appliance a friend). This is my sunbeam mixmaster, I think it dates back from the 60's. A neighbour gave it to me some 24 years ago, when she was leaving to go to a nursing home. She was a great cook, and I know Mixy did a great deal of work for her. Mr.M. did a little cosmetic surgery on her years ago, he put on a new cord and plug . Does anyone else out there have a hardworking friend like Mixy??? Let me know.

Goodbye and God Bless till next time.

With Smiles

Kathryn x


Kerri said...

Kathryn, Its so good to see you back. I was starting to get worried about you. Good to see all is well and Happy Birthday to you and Mr M.
I love your sunbeam mixmaster.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Kathryn. Boy, have I missed you. Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. Goodness knows I understand an under the weather parent. Hope you are happy and enjoying your job.


P.S. Thanks for the sweet comment...I was tickled to hear from you!

Amy said...

P.P.S. My mom has almost the same Mixmaster...which I understand will be mine "someday."

MarmaladeRose said...

Glad to have you back blogging. That cake looks yummy! Snap! We had a birthday on the 19th too!

lesley said...

Hi Kathryn. Its soooooo good to have you back! Happy Belated Birthday to you both. Fabulous cake could just eat a slice now!!! Tee Hee. Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. Good luck with the new job. Hugs xx